How can testogel for sale chemotherapy for breast cancer help? diseases

According to scientists, in recent years, the effectiveness of treatment of breast cancer (breast cancer) has improved significantly. This is largely due to the active use of chemotherapy: studies show that thanks to it drostanolone propionate description side effects examples courses, the mortality rate from this disease decreased by 20%, and the frequency of relapses by 30%. Increasingly, breast cancer treatment ends with the complete elimination of the runtastic pro v3 5 1 apk app quais so os primary lesion and tumor metastases.

Scientific approach

The widespread use of chemotherapy became possible because in the arsenal of doctors appeared diagnostic methods that allow you to study the tumor at the molecular level. Knowing its genetic composition, having an idea about the presence of certain receptors, doctors select exactly those drugs that will be effective in a particular case. The emergence of new drugs (cytostatics), which effectively destroy cancer cells and have a relatively insignificant effect on the patient’s body, plays an important role here.

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Today, most oncologists are inclined to believe that the use of chemotherapy is necessary if:

cancer help

the patient is not yet 35 years old;

tumor size exceeds 20 mm in diameter;

cancer help

in tumor tissues there are no receptors for steroid hormones (estrogens and progesterone);

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neoplasm is low differentiated;

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there are metastases medical massage to regional lymph nodes.

It was found that breast cancer begins to metastasize even in the early stages. Timely administration of cytostatics reduces the likelihood of secondary cancer foci.

Before and after surgery

cancer cells

Chemotherapy for breast cancer is rarely used as an independent treatment method. More often, it complements surgical intervention and radiation therapy. Depending on when the course of cytostatic administration is started, chemotherapy may be neoadjuvant and adjuvant.

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy precedes surgical treatment. It is carried out in order to:

cancer cells

reduce the size of the primary tumor focus and metastases, thereby reducing the sklepy z zywnoscia dla sportowcw garcinia cambogia drugs amount of surgical intervention;

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determine the sensitivity of the tumor to cystotatics;

increase the chances of overcoming the five-year survival threshold.

Studies show that in 15% of cases it is due to neoadjuvant therapy that a complete remission of the disease occurs. However, the effectiveness of this method largely depends on how well the medicines are selected, the scheme of their use, that is, on the level of competence and experience of doctors.

After surgery, adjuvant chemotherapy begins. Its main goal is to destroy all the cancer cells remaining in the body. At this stage in the development of medicine, new drugs are actively being developed to combat breast cancer and effective regimens for their use. Leading Russian oncological clinics already use drugs taken abroad. As a rule, such cytostatics have fewer side effects.

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Unfortunately, new, promising regimens for the use of chemotherapeutic drugs are rarely used in state cancer clinics. But everyone has the opportunity to seek help from leading clinics in the country. Many of them carry out emergency and planned hospitalization on a paid basis.

In order to draw up all the necessary documents, to decide in advance on the placement and transportation of the patient to the hospital, you kan lckra mellanml verkligen vara bra fr dig muscle can use the services of the Center for Integrated Medicine. Its specialists will help resolve all issues related to the provision of paid medical services.

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